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How to make your office reception welcoming

August 13, 2020 2:12 pm


What’s the first thing that a prospective client or customer sees when they come to your office? It is, in fact, the car park but assuming that this passes them by and they enter the building the first thing they see is your reception area. In some cases the deal can be won or lost with this initial contact. This is your chance to impress them from the off. What can you do to make sure there is a good impression made.

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  1. Give them something comfy to sit on whilst they wait for you or whoever they’ve come to see. A nice set of Reception Chairs are essential and if you need chairs then Bestbuy Office chairs stock a large range of reception desks.
  2. Have some really good receptionists. Rather easier said than done but these happy, resourceful and deeply patient employees are your frontline troops, the advanced charm guard if you will, and the gatekeepers to those floors above.
  3. Colour and branding. It might be that you’ve researched into what the company’s colours are or you have a specific branding style that you like to use. Make sure this is in the reception and is the theme. Uniformity is very important.

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  1. Have a tea and coffee machine and don’t charge for Wifi, it just seems mean.
  2. Make sure you have lots and lots of pictures in place that reaffirm what you make, sell or produce.
  3. Fill the place with recommendations and other customer affirmations.
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