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Best outdoor garden games for this summer

March 18, 2022 7:37 pm


Whether you’re planning a summer wedding or a garden party, or you’re just looking for something to keep the kids entertained and away from video games during the day, there is bound to be something that appeals in our pick of outdoor toys that will suit everyone.

Solo Games

If you have a budding Venus or Serena on your hands, a tennis trainer makes ideal solo play. There are several types available. Some are as simple as an elastic rope that is attached to a ball, or those familiar balls tied to a rotating pole, but there are also rebounder nets for serious practice. Of course, they don’t have to be played solo. If you’ve got a pair or more, a simple net can transform any garden into Centre court.

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Competitive Games

Whether it’s a group of friends having fun or a real grudge match, there is something special (and very British) about a game of croquet. The sets are affordable, and there’s not much set-up involved. You can be playing croquet by the simple rules in a matter of minutes, and if you get addicted, there is always the Croquet Association for serious players.

Event Games

If you’re looking for a game to really cause a stir, either to create amazing memories or to raise funds for a local charity, you might want to consider a rodeo bull. Always a great draw to an event, watching others on the ride makes queueing fun even when it gets long.   Make sure to wear the right clothes though should you be daring enough to venture onto one of these spin around games.  Mens Tommy Hilfiger Clothes from Louis Boyd are durable and cost effective as well as being very fashionable.

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Challenge Games

If you prefer your physical challenges to be on a smaller scale, something as simple as a limbo game might be more up your street. You can make these yourself using chairs and a pool noodle or a fallen branch, but if you have more serious limbo-ers on your hands, you might want to invest in a purpose-made game.

There are, of course, many other types of garden games. We love giant board games, treasure hunts, and skittles. If the summer is kind, you can’t beat a paddling pool to cool down. We hope this list gives you plenty of good reasons to take a staycation and enjoy your own backyard this year.


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