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Six ways to increase your home’s kerb appeal

December 26, 2021 4:35 pm


When it comes to selling a property, never underestimate the importance of kerb appeal.

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As it is usually the first impression potential buyers have of a house, kerb appeal really does matter. With almost 90 per cent of homebuyers beginning their search online, it is also an important way to generate interest from the web.

The front door

A dismal and dated front door doesn’t make the best first impression. Giving yours a lick of paint is a quick, cheap and effective way to revamp your home. Classic whites, blacks and greys are often the colour of choice; however, if you want to make a statement, you could always opt for something brighter. If your budget allows, why not consider replacing the door so that it complements the contemporary or traditional character of the property?

The driveway

A well-manicured driveway creates a great first impression. Paving and gravel are most desirable but you can make a big difference just by removing weeds and fixing cracks.

A home buyers survey Oxford won’t highlight small niggles, but it is recommended to bring larger problems to the buyers’ attention.

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Plants and landscaping

Similarly, a well-looked-after garden is the sign of a well-looked-after home. If you don’t have a large garden space, some well-placed greenery in pots or planters by the door will add character, colour and charm.

Consider naming your property

Naming your property can actually increase its value. Providing the number is still visible, you can choose what you like. A name will often add an element of personality.

Of course, professionals such as Sam Conveyancing will recommend a home buyers survey Oxford to establish the current value and condition of your property.

Hide anything unsavoury

Dustbins, weeds, tools, recycling boxes or any loose children’s toys should be hidden or removed for the purpose of creating great kerb appeal. Don’t forget to do a sweep of the garden if you have dogs!

Photograph at the right time of day

Lighting can make or break a photo. Try to arrange your photoshoot for a sunny day when the lighting is soft but not too bright. Sometimes a shoot may take place at night, in which case it is important that the lighting creates ambience outdoors just as it should indoors. Solar lights leading up to the door are always a nice touch.


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