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Christmas Flowers to Display

December 21, 2021 5:14 am


Winter is not a time that many associate with beautiful blooming flowers. However, there are blooms to choose from when thinking about decorating your business for some festive spirit. With a little care and the right positioning, you can have stunning floral displays even in the bleak midwinter!


The poinsettia is the most iconic christmas flower, known for its bright red and green hues. It’s an essential part of the Christmas decoration, and is often sold in bouquets and planters in stores. The vivid contrast between very dark leaves and bright red flowers make it an ideal choice for a festive table or window displays and this is what makes them such a popular choice. The poinsettia is actually a shrub and the red leaves actually contain tiny clusters of actual flowers right in the centre which are yellow in colour. Cut stems of poinsettias should be dipped in boiling water for 20 seconds before placing them in a cold container. This will ensure the longevity of the flowers. You can group several poinsettias in a bud vase and display them for a festive display.

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Winter Heather

Being a hardy plant, winter heather is easy to grow and the flowers will last for several weeks. This flower works well in a large display with a variety of colours that include pinks, purples and whites. These flowers are happiest in slight shade or full winter sun and look amazing when paired with snowdrops, for example.


These shrubs are also known as Christmas Box and present with dark green foliage and a small, delicate yet fragrant flower. The plants appear with multiple clusters of small white blooms which blossom between December and March, making them an ideal addition to a festive display. The flowers can appear as white, red or purple and after flowering, red, purple or black berries will grow. For help finding just the right Plants For Trade Kent, visit a site like https://www.palmstead.co.uk/Content.aspx?content=2

Clematis cirrhosa

Also known as ‘Jingle Bells’ thanks to their shape, this fragrant flower thrives when most other plants wither during the colder weather. They offer a sweet fragrance from an off-white bell-shaped flower and combined with a dark green foliage are perfect for a wintery flower arrangement. Jingle Bells require minimum pruning meaning easy maintenance throughout the year.

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Camellia Sasanqua

This plant can be a little sensitive in a hard winter so they are best in milder climates but they can be grown in pots and are often still blooming in late December. The plant comes in a variety of different shades of pink but there is also a deep red festive colour called ‘Yuletide’ as well as snow white blooms known as ‘Snow Flurry’ that are available.

‘Winter Beauty’ Lonicera

These dainty white blooms pack a real fragrance punch and will add interest to any festive bouquet or display. Very hardy, they produce thousands of miniature blooms, making them perfect for floral festivities.

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