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Shaving for Guys with Sensitive Skin

October 7, 2019 2:17 pm


shaving sensitive skin

Shaving, unless you’re self-employed or have a relaxed boss or manager, is a universal part of most adult men’s life. It’s an expectation that male employees should, with some exceptions, appear relatively clean-shaven whilst at work. Not shaving can not only be bad from an employability standpoint but can also harm your love life. Patchy stubble, inadvisable neck beards and scraggly, tangled facial hair are understandable turn-offs, but ones that can be mitigated and worked around with self-knowledge and good styling.

Though it becomes automatic for most men, for those with sensitive skin the act of shaving is akin to navigating a minefield each and every time. Cuts that would be of no concern to men with normal facial skin can lead to days of discomfort, and momentary lapses in technique can lead to razor burn and redness or soreness. For this reason, here is a look at just a few ways to mitigate the problems of shaving with sensitive skin.

Choice of Blade

Straight razors may be enjoying a resurgence, but if you suffer from sensitive facial skin, the chances are these are not for you. An angled, multiple-bladed razor may instead be your best bet, as they can be used to achieve a close safe shave without excess irritation. There are numerous types of multiple-blade configurations, and they remain one of the most common types of safety razors available. An electric razor can also be very useful, as it causes minimal irritation compared with other types, but as a result does not achieve as close a shave

Moisturising Routine

For most men, regardless of their skin condition, regular shaving is a must, and in these instances it can help no end to maintain a daily routine of moisturising. As long as your skin stays suitably moisturised, it should be all right to shave everyday. Try to use a light moisturiser to avoid blocking pores.

Technique and Timing

The best time to shave is after showering. This is because the heat and steam open pores as well as softening hair that might be coarse, minimising the potential for irritation. Shave in the direction of hair growth using long, smooth motions.

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