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Beach Camping – Tips, Tricks and Essential Items

August 25, 2020 5:27 pm


With many people choosing to holiday closer to home this year due to the restrictions on overseas travel, the choice is often to head to the seaside or go camping. However, if you and your family can’t agree, why not consider doing both and camp by the sea?

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Camping by the sea has many benefits, including on-site entertainment for the kids, the sea breeze and beautiful walks along the shore. For those looking for something a bit more energetic, why not camp at a beach which offers surfing and other water sport activities? If you’re lucky with the weather, there’s nowhere better to be.

One of the advantages of camping over staying at a seaside resort is that the resorts are often not on the actual sea front, and the communal washing facilities and kitchen areas can have long queues and be a long way away from your pitch, so simply taking a shower can involve a long walk.


If you plan on pitching your tent on the sand, it is worth investing in some sand pegs. If you’re looking for a camping shop Dublin has some good ones, such as https://basecamp.ie/. Remember to take a brush to brush your feet before entering your tent to avoid bringing the beach in with you!

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Before heading to the beach to camp, it is wise to check where you are allowed to stay and see if there are any pitching fees involved. Also check there are car parking facilities and a nearby water source so you can access fresh water. The alternative is taking gallons of water with you or having to go and buy it from the nearest town each day.

Waking up to the sound of the waves sounds idyllic, and it is, but remember not to leave yourself too exposed when pitching your tent and look for trees which can offer you some form of protection.

Once you have decided on your location, make sure you pitch your tent in a safe place and always away from the high tide point. Also remember to check the weather forecast before you go and avoid storms and winds, as these can be particularly wild by the coast – although spectacular to watch from a distance.

Wherever you choose to camp, nothing beats sleeping with nature and being in the great outdoors.

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