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How Covid-19 Has Raised the Profile of Clinical Trials

August 26, 2020 4:47 pm


Covid-19 is undeniably the hot topic of 2020. Discussions range from what is ‘allowed’ to participation in clinical trials. This latter topic has seen the introduction of many new platforms giving people the opportunity to exchange views and express their personal opinions; previously this was perhaps a topic that many people were aware of.

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Britain Leads the Way in Clinical Trials

Britain has for many years been the preferred location to host clinical trials, ranking first in Europe and second in the world. Recently there has been considerable interest in paid research studies, and people have been encouraged to register potential interest in participation in vaccine trials for Covid-19. The pandemic has been responsible for significant changes in vaccine study and the subsequent clinical trial process, with a reduction in bureaucratic and other hindrances allowing research to progress at an unusually fast pace for a new vaccine.

Advancing Science and Helping Others

These are the main reasons people give for taking part in paid research studies, and one of the most important factors for participants is clear and concise communication – full awareness not only as to the purpose of the trial but also the potential risks and benefits. Before reaching clinical trial stage, all new treatments will have undergone a period of lengthy laboratory testing, but for a trial to be truly successful it needs to be well designed and include as diverse a mix of the population as possible.

When considering participating in a trial, you will need to take into account not only the physical involvement but also the practical and emotional demands, which could extend to other family members. But the knowledge that you will be making a major contribution to finding new or better ways to treat patients and possibly you or someone else in your family in the future is usually a major contributor to this decision.

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If you have a specific area of interest, there are always a number of clinical trials being offered at any point in time. Opportunities such as Trials 4 Us paid research trials will give many people the chance to make a difference.

By becoming involved with a medical trial you will be assisting in the research of new medicines, and your participation is essential for the continued development of potential treatments and cures.

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