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Tips for a custom build home

June 15, 2020 2:33 pm


When people choose to build their own home, they get the chance to create a completely unique and bespoke property. Here are some tips for realising this dream:

  1. Find the right plot.

Locating the right plot for your needs is the first step. There are loads of sites to peruse online, as well as hearing recommendations from word of mouth.

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  1. Think about finance

Funding is a crucial factor that should be in place before the start of the project. There are specific self-build mortgages available through certain brokers which work by releasing funds at key stages during the project.

  1. Budget

Taking a sensible, measured approach will guarantee that your project doesn’t become a money pit. Create a realistic budget and amount for the project even before the design phase commences. It’s important to factor in a small percentage of additional funds to turn to in the case of emergency or unexpected costs.

  1. Find a route

For first time self-build projects benefit from a company that provides a package which can guide them through the process of design and build. Find out more about Self Build Homes Birmingham at a site like IFurb, a leading provider of Self Build Homes Birmingham.

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  1. Get the paperwork in order

Before commencing with a project, it’s crucial that all the relevant permissions have been obtained. This includes any planning permission that might be required, building control approval or any listed building consent.


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